Rooplaxmi Engineering Pvt Ltd

Electrical Fittings

We are offering different range of Electrical Fittings which are extensively used in civil construction. Our products are reasonably priced. We are already supplying these products all over India and are open for international deliveries

The Range Covers :
  • PVC Conduit Pipe
  • Slip Type Bend and Couplers
  • PVC Casing-Caping
  • Cable Trunking and Ducting System
  • Bulb Holder
  • Modular Convertible Gang Box
  • Extension Boards
  • Deep Junction Box and Junction Box
  • POP Fan Sheet
  • Plain and POP Round Sheet
  • Square Box
  • 3 Pin Plug Top 16Amp and 6 Amp
  • Modular type MCB Boxes
  • Wall Plug

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    Square Box

    We are offering Square Box which are made from high quality virgin Polypropylene. They are used to provide electric terminal along with casing capping.

    Attributes :

    • Reliable
    • Durable
    • Convenient

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